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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nude pictures, video emerge from Legon

… student poses for boyfriend to take snap shots
…lesbians caught in the act
By Charles Takyi-Boadu
Posted:Thursday, August 14, 2008
Ghana’s premier university, the University of Ghana, Legon is fast becoming a breeding ground for berserk sexual practices especially involving female students on campus and surrounding hostels.
Latest developments reveal some of these students in nude video footages and still pictures some of which are often captured with sophisticated mobile phones that make easy dissemination from phone to phone via Bluetooth.
The situation has become a matter of great worry to many parents and guardians who have their wards enrolled in the institution of high repute and the earlier authorities curb this threat, the earlier it would safeguard the image of the institution.
Presently, fresh photos have started emerging from one of the private hostel facilities in which a female student posed for her unscrupulous boyfriend to take snap shots of her nudity.
The shots, which according to credible sources were taken with a mobile phone makes a mockery of university education since it leaves much to be desired from a student of the premier university.
The pictures show an innocent-looking girl between the ages of 23-26 years posed for the camera, beaming with smiles for a person credible sources say is her boyfriend to take shots of her vital parts such as her buttocks, breast and vagina.
Obviously happy with what she was doing, she occasionally changed clothes, locations and posture for the shots to be taken.
From all indications, the boyfriend took the photographs with the due consent of the girl in question however for his exclusive viewing.
The Chronicle’s investigations on campus and the hostel where the girl resides disclosed that a friend of the girl’s boyfriend saw the nude pictures when he lent him the phone and upon seeing the nude pictures, he decided to send it via Bluetooth to his phone and later have a cursory look.
After viewing it, he also sent it to other colleagues on campus and then the circulation of the pictures started and spreading like wild fire to anyone desired to a look.
Another video which is also in the possession of this paper shows two female students, this time round in one of the traditional halls on the University’s main campus, one in brassier and ‘G string’ underwear and the other wearing shorts, fondling each other and groaning as though having real sexual intercourse.
The two girls, who also appear to be in their mid twenties and believed to be lesbians, are said to have filmed the act themselves either using a camcorder or a high powered mobile phone.
Anyone, especially parents who have their wards in the university and has had the opportunity of viewing the nude pictures and the video footage could not comprehend the creeping insanity prevailing on the campuses of the various universities especially at Ghana’s premier university.
It is believed that these practices are rife on campuses of the various universities in the country but students of the University of Ghana appear to be the worst culprits.
Over the last couple years, similar nude pictures and video footages have emerged from Legon, thereby making especially parents and various Legon Alumini to express concern about these despicable practices which by all standards is untertiary.

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